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Douglas Owen Photography, Wellesley, MA

Reiki is Life Energy

My journey started in August, 2005 after a near-death experience. The event left me with a "knowing" that I had never experienced before. Since my awakening, I have become extremely sensitive to energies. When my energy was low, I was plagued with illness. When my energy was high, I could fly. This awareness has transformed me into a gifted Reiki Master. My current clients are individuals looking for relief from common symptoms such as: sleep trouble, stress, allergies, sinus headaches and migraines to those with significant illness, disease, or injury. Being a Reiki Master is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. Each session leaves both the client and myself feeling "light as the feather of a white dove".

Reiki Sessions

(In person & distance)

Reiki Certifications

(in person)

Intuitive Readings

(phone, Zoom, in person)

call 508-648-1570

Seven Chakara Therapy Classes$33 per class (Covers all supplies)

Prepay all 7 classes, get one free, $198

Please bring notebook :)

Through instruction, discussion and artwork you will learn the attributes of each of the 7 standard chakras and alternative methods for harmonizing and balancing

"COLOR CALM" group Art Therapy: Touted to be the current trend, I started doing this decades ago and about 10 years ago with clients!

Come meet me, color with us and learn about my other services for free

This is me at 10!

Energy healing for good souls with the essence of the white dove is my practice, but did you know, I also treat the pets they love?

“Synergy with Sisters” Womens' Circle

For centuries, in many cultures, women have gathered for the benefit of mutual support. Come and discover the strength of a sisterhood. “Blossom” into your “true self” as we explore circling, creative projects, discussions, energy work demonstrations, etc. This workshop is designed for women from 16-100. There are no prerequisites. Class participation is always voluntary and what happens in the circle… stays in the circle. Please bring a small, special item to place in the center of our circle. You will bring it back and forth with you weekly. Also, please bring a comfortable seat cushion. *Participants under 18 must have parental consent.


***CALL 508-648-1570***

Associate of Dan "Beef" Mazzola, Master of Masters' Wellness/Reiki Group in Natick. See for details.

Hospice Appointments are also available. I have private client experience as well as volunteer experience in Boston.

DO YOU KNOW A PARENT OF A CHILD WITH CANCER? Please tell them about me, if they can get to me, I will offer them Reiki Healing free of charge!

COLLEGE SPEAKER: Enlighten your nursing/medical students on the benefits of complementary therapies healing the mind, body and soul. I've experienced being the patient and the healer and have many stories to share. References Available.

CORPORATE PERK: Invite me in as part of a "WELLNESS DAY" and offer your "STRESSED OUT" employees mini-sessions...or a select few, full one-hour sessions by lottery.

PHONE APPOINTMENTS are available. Call/Text to set-up and process credit card info 508-648-1570.


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