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"In early 2013, I had a "booking" for a group of women who gathered annually to be "read" by a (different) psychic. Apparently, they were expecting an entertaining fortune teller...and were not prepared for me! I'm an "Empath" and helped each of them with some present challenges. I told the host that I could tell she was spiritually gifted by the energy in her house and to look for signs from birds...this DOVE water stain appeared on the ceiling, right before her eyes, the very next morning! The universe is an amazing place!!!

Intuitive readings $122.00

I use a variety of skills to deliver the messages from Spirit that will help guide you in your situations. (in person, phone, Zoom) Call/Text for details 508-648-1570.


GET YOUR FAMILY/FRIENDS TOGETHER FOR 30 MINUTE INTUITIVE SESSIONS, minimum of 5, maximum of 10 (with 1 hour break in between, 5 for $522) SUGGESTIONS: Friday pm drinks & apps, Saturday pm couples dinner, Sunday mimosa brunch!

Douglas Owen Photography, Wellesley, MA

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