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"I was referred to Paula Ronayne for Reiki treatment for undiagnosed pain in my lower left abdomen as well as stress reduction. The hours I spent under her treatment were the most blissfully pain free and relaxing in my recent memory. Paula is a very talented and sensitive Reiki practitioner. She listens carefully to her clients, verbally, and also listens intently to what their bodies are saying. I found both her ministry of touch and the discussions we had afterward to be extremely insightful. She often zeroed in on the heart of the problem. I credit her with helping me to begin the journey of living peacefully inside my body instead of anxiously inside my head." Moriah F., Maynard, April 2016

50 Minute Reiki Session, $90.00, Senior Citizens and Disabled $80.00

I first met Paula over a year ago. She was involved in the care of my husband at a medical facility and later at our home. She is a gentle, caring, and compassionate person who genuinely cares for her patient. My husband has since passed on, but she still comes to my home to do Reiki on me and has helped me through my grief. She has definitely improved and made our lives richer.

Judy H., Lowell

Reiki I/II Intensive Certification Classes $444

(sign up with a friend for 25% discount on both reservations)

Bookwork, Hands-on, Attunements, , group or individual training available

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